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  • M. Juan

    M. Juan

    inritus of vita.. Can't write enough to save my life, much to read, so much beauty to photograph down.

  • Jim Stogdill

    Jim Stogdill

    Irrepressible over sharer. Free time usually involves silver halides. I’ll edit this profile at some point.

  • Ian Shen

    Ian Shen

    Living in abundance and possibility.

  • Simon Bisson

    Simon Bisson

    Freelance technology journalist, vrai Jerri, and geek. Writing about enterprise, SMB, developer, design and mobile; anywhere, anytime. Email: simon@sandm.co.uk

  • Becky McCray

    Becky McCray

    Rural entrepreneur and cattle rancher. I give you practical steps you can put into action right away to shape a better future for your town.

  • Sridhar Machani

    Sridhar Machani

    Founder @SwarajStudios // Technically a Writer // Life Hacker // Himalayan Odyssey 2015 Rider # 7

  • Maggie Haukka

    Maggie Haukka

    Coder, Decoder, Code-switcher, Truth-teller.

  • Sue Spolan

    Sue Spolan

    CEO Cohegent LLC

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