Leadership Lessons from
Clash of Clans

Two years and three clans later, it dawned on me that leading a clan is exactly like leading a team

1. Set a high and relevant hurdle for entry

The Gold Grab achievement shows how much gold a player has looted from others in multiplayer raids. It is a better proxy for assessing activity and raiding skill than player level alone.

2. Set clear expectations for behavior and performance

New recruits need to know what’s expected of them. Leaders must explain the rules to EACH new recruit.

3. Define the criteria for promotion

Set clear criteria for promotions and demotions. Deliver on your promise.

4. Coach junior members and set a clear growth path for each person

Devote sufficient time to mentoring your less-experienced clanmates. Your clan wins and loses wars together.

5. Communicate your strategy

Communicate your war strategy through clan mails

6. Delegate power and responsibility

Great Co-leaders and Elders will keep things running smoothly while you’re offline.

7. Get to know your team

A clan can have up to 50 members. This image shows the top 15 members ranked by trophies. Names have been blurred for privacy.

8. Celebrate and memorialize the wins

YouTube videos and clan websites let your clanmates celebrate and memorialize their wins.

In Summary

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